Who we are / Jonathan Ward

Our Founder

“My first foray into perfumery was in 1979. Clad in tweed shorts, a gap between my two front teeth and blonde curly hair I created my first perfume. Tearing rose petals into shreds and muddled with northern tap water, I bottled them into jam jars and let them “distill” on our back garden wall.

It’s 2018. Things look a little different. Our studio resides in the heart of Angel in north London. Our laboratory and partners lie just north of Athens in Greece. Our spirit is global.”

Our Candles


Every part of the Jonathan Ward process is executed by hand. British craftsmanship throughout each part of the Jonathan Ward candle-making process.


Our propriety wax blend has been certified by the soil association as organic. Composed of organic coconut oil, beeswax and vegetable wax from the purest sources.


Each fragrance is built using meticulously sourced ethical producers and blended by a team of European perfumers in London and Athens.


Each Jonathan Ward candle is carefully composed with precision and detail in our London studio. We use a double wick wherever possible to allow for maximum fragrance lift and a clean burn throughout the body of the candle.


Each Jonathan Ward candle contains an individual blueprint of its own unique wick combination and oil percentage.


Our labels and packaging are made on a British1966 lithographic press using GF Smith papers. We use no glues or resins to adhere the wicks but rather, we have opted for an artisan technique of adherence called “dipping”