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An unabashed Iris roar marries stamen and root. Masculine floral.

Vita™ is an organic beeswax and coconut propriety wax blend scented candle. Hand-poured in the UK, with an average burn time of 40 - 45 hours, Vita™ ships worldwide and retails for £52.00 (GBP)

Fragrance Notes

Mandarin, Green Tea
Black Pepper, Iris Stamen
Coumarin, Guaiac Wood & Iris Root
Burn time
40 - 45 hours
H105mm, W90mm, D90mm

Jonathan Ward candles are hand poured using a certified organic wax blend. Complex fragrances delivered in the cleanest way. British craftsmanship, global spirit.

This aroma takes bold inspire from the satirical and invidious romp “Orlando”. Penned by the indelible Virgina Woolf and dancing England across centuries. This cavorting assimilation of male and female sexuality and empowerment results in a potent declaration in Iris. Resolutely recognized as an indulgent and creative piece of writing concerning Virgina’s lesbian entanglements, the platform for this aroma is too too delicious. Iris root and powdered stamen hands held in baroque courtroom dance.

The core of this aroma roars unabashedly with ferocious iris root. The stage may have changed human nature has not. Syrup like coumarin and raisin cushion to a lover’s tumbleweed stomach flip. Luxe ground for modern iris root to fly. The aroma spirals up to a needle of jasmine and a boat of dried Iris stamen and then abruptly falls flagrantly at the feet. “Wallflower you are not” said olfactory Yoda.


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