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Kiss in Rio™

Kiss in Rio™

Dancing outside the confines of law. Rainforest sexuality. A portrait of darkest forest woods & foliage. Spilled Caipirinha, a hint of night jasmine and obsidian shadows.

Kiss in Rio™ is an organic beeswax and coconut propriety wax blend scented candle. Hand-poured in the UK, with an average burn time of 20 hours, Kiss in Rio™ ships worldwide and retails for £52.00 (GBP)

Fragrance Notes

Olibanum Oil, Bergamot, Petigrain, Organic black pepper
Cedarwood, Jasmine Absolut
Obsidian Leather, Patchouli Heart, OakMoss
Usage time
20 hours
H65mm, W80mm, D80mm

This Jonathan Ward limited edition “Kiss in Rio” collector’s candle, has been hand poured with purpose. Engraved with multiple kisses from unsung heroes, 100% of the profits from the candle will be directed to charities that work towards changing societies focus in bringing equality. Using our certified organic wax blend. Complex fragrances delivered in the cleanest way. British craftsmanship and global spirit, each candle has an engraved kiss from an unsung hero that contributed something special during these challenging times.

The heat between their bodies was equivocal to the humidity of the rainforest.

A stolen moment dancing outside the confines of the law, she strode with grace. He strides with pride. She cared so little for the brief case carrying, credit card loving, whiskey drinking fool she felt forced to marry under societies head mistress’s hand. She fell into her lover’s arms. Line osmosis, she drew each molecule of his Nubian perspiration into her. The hotel balcony was deserted, but curtains twitched. She would never leave Rio de Janeiro after that evening.

This scent builds in with harmonious base accord grounded in Obsidian leather, Rainforest Soils and Guaiac Wood. Tropical flower fallen like road kill adding an unusual sweet rot. This scent moves up into the heart notes : night jasmine muted by the breeze. Then sweet stained rings on the hotel tables from discarded Caipirinha glasses, lime carcus and lipstick napkins. Sexual portrait in forest green and black with animalic eyes watching intently.


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