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Spiced cognac, birchwood and pine. Paid homage to soldier spirit.

Kartushya™ is an organic beeswax and coconut propriety wax blend scented candle. Hand-poured in the UK, with an average burn time of 40 - 45 hours, Kartushya™ ships worldwide and retails for £52.00 (GBP)

Fragrance Notes

Pine Rosemary Birch, Dill Seed
Cognac, Tobacco, Black Pepper
Cedar, Patchouli, Amber
Burn time
40 - 45 hours
H105mm, W90mm, D90mm

Jonathan Ward candles are hand poured using a certified organic wax blend. Complex fragrances delivered in the cleanest way. British craftsmanship, global spirit.

An antique hip flask could be seen bulging through the coarse wool of the soldier’s uniform jacket. Resting against heart rather than hip, every beat inspired a drip… drip… drip… of cognac into the raw hem. His voice sore from chanting the love songs of the troop, he stopped to catch a breath. One hand on knee and one hand snatched at wild dill seed…

The spirit of this aroma builds from the love songs that soldiers sang to sweethearts when walking to war from Moscow.

The warm and heartfelt spirit of man captured in spilled cognac, a tangled tobacco strand caught in briar and ripped wild dill seed and pepper create the most unusual outdoor collage.


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