Carmen™ scented reed diffuser from Jonathan Ward - artisan reed diffuser candle / Jonathan Ward



From the streets to the stage. Sexuality in Citrus.

Carmen™ is a scented reed diffuser, hand-poured using a butter soft alcohol free gentle carrier oil and 20% fragrance intensity with an average usage time of 75 - 90 days. Carmen™ ships worldwide and retails for £55.00 (GBP)

Fragrance Notes

ylang ylang, tangerine
White grapefruit, Kumquat
Carnation, Rosewood, Pheromones
Usage time
75 - 90 days
H270mm, W95mm, D75mm

Each Jonathan ward diffuser is alcohol free for slow evaporation. Each diffuser is poured using 20% fragrance oils for maximum noticeability.

An amalgam of brightly coiled threads peaking through a floorboard crack. Spotlight chinks of ruby light reflected from jewel tipped bobby pins, in a mannequins head. Look up she did. Leaving the municipal of Marco de Canaveses, Carmen’s passion for millinery adornment forged her blueprint and likewise her legacy. Carmen is an aromatic salute (made with painted nails) to that wonderful enigmatic trajectory that catapults a select few into stardom.

The scent builds from a platform of Brazilian lust. “..look at me and tell me if I don’t have Brazil in every curve of my body” Musing pheromone rich Rio de Janeiro skin. this scent commences with a tactile platform of Brazilian Rosewood and carnation. Nudging forth a collage of dried citrus rinds preserved in a velvet sash. Dried Tangerine, Kumquat and White Grapefruit ask for heartfelt applause. Star-studded Citrus Parade.


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