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Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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Votes are In. The Independent Newspaper's Best Non Toxic Candles

July 18th 2019
Jonathan Ward
#Clean burn

What a treat. At the end of a busy work day I glanced at my phone and twitter was demanding my attention. The Independent Lifestyle supplement @IndyBest had called in a Jonathan Ward candle a few months ago and naturally we had forgotten it had ever been requested. I read the article diligently and it made me so so happy to be voted number two from the final edit of ten candles (from who knows how many they received).

We were particularly thrilled that the editor Pippa Bailey had written the article and stressed that it was entirely unbiased and based solely on ingredients and performance. What a compliment.

It is doubly thrilling to me as a pioneer many years ago for natural waxes, it makes the long arduous hours of nudging clients towards natural alternatives feel that it was worthwhile.

Our olfactory statements are made using a range of botanicals, aromatherapy and select fine aroma perfume notes. It allows us an extensive range of ingredients from which to create the feeling of the aromas we are trying to achieve. Also ingredients like amber, sandalwood and pure jasmine are simply not available in their pure forms at the price points that allow £40-£50 & £60 candles. So we make a small compromise and deliver the highest level of naturals that we can.

With 92% of the final composition certified organic by the Soil association and 95-97% of the final blend using premium naturals we are happy as watch our beautiful endless burn technique leave each customer with an entirely empty reusable Luigi Bormioli DOF tumbler.


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