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The New Life at Home.

April 28th 2020
Jonathan Ward
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We're entering week seven of staying at home. Trying to keep the momentum going on the wheels of our beautiful business, I go into the studio two days a week and try to stay positive, but all 77 studios are closed. The entire community is at home and its a strange feeling being present in an uninhabited building.

Interestingly, on Sunday I spoke to my distributor in Korea and life in Korea has returned to some normality. Restaurants are open again with the restriction that there should be no crowding. Not to be macabre, but Korea acted so quickly in handling the pandemic lockdown and in a country of eighteen million people, 242 fatalities. Compared to the 20,000 tragedies in the UK. I think we will leave that subject right there, as I don't need to open a political pandora's box. Let's keep this candle content pure.

Life at home, started positively and then became a little bit of a toil. Maxed out on box sets and procrastination of all the things I thought I would do (but still didn't). I am excited to reveal that I am looking to the future and starting work on the first Jonathan Ward fragrance. The seeds of the ideas have started to form and I'm excited to start bringing them to life.

I'm reading "Poems to live your life" by Chris Riddell. I've reorganised my magazine back copies by month. I have started looking at the destinations I want to go to most when life resumes. Six years ago, I took the trip of a lifetime to the Maldives and I want to go back so badly. However, it might be quite a while before the pennies allow it. I think we will focus on making the fragrance a hit first.

We will get to the other side of this and the future will be bright again.



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