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Skin Deep.

July 18th 2019
Jonathan Ward

I called this post, skin deep as we are at an interesting juncture in the cosmetics, fragrance, clothing world.

I don’t think a day goes by where the people I subscribe to on my social media channels, don’t post something related to the gargantuan rate that we are consuming clothes and cosmetics, (let alone the gargantuan waste) and how change needs to happen. Yesterday Zara rolled out its vision for the future with sustainable fabrics at the forefront of its agenda and a new way of shopping digitally with less waste.

In my world of fragrance and home decor, there has been a significant shift towards a purer and more sustainable requirement in candles and room diffusers, do buyers really truly care or are aesthetics still top of the list ?

We use a certified blend of organic wax in each Jonathan Ward product and therefore this means that you cannot add non certified organic materials, agents, binders, smoothers, adhesive agents or retraction agents to the blend otherwise it is rendered uneven. This leaves us with a slight issue. There will always be a very natural feeling to the wax, it will never be pure white nor will it be perfectly even.

This shouldn’t matter as we are pushing towards a deeper concern and consideration for this beautiful planet. Receiving a rejection from a retailer based on the very slight unevenness of the wax shouldn’t happen in this current clime, alas, it does and did. At the start of my career I might have taken it badly, a have a slightly thicker skin these days … Its perfectly uneven.



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