Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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Make Do (Part 1)

June 9th 2019
Jonathan Ward
#Candle couture

June 5th, location: Regent Studios, Hackney.

We decided to extend our a little candlelight hospitality to Hackney’s local bloggers and writers. Just to reach out and say, you know, we are here. Not much has changed in the journalist and blogging world as quite a few invitations went unanswered. Anyway, fuss aside, the invites pricked 8 pairs of ears and as 4.30 approached, candles were lit, sandwiches were buttered and figs were cut.

Our first guest arrived and the event commenced. We decided to keep things informal and relaxed (to be honest its a default position for our office vibe) and we talked mingled and gathered while the guests arrived. At 5pm we went through into the workshop area and the class started.

My main focus was to show what you cannot show visually. If you think about it, when you look at a Jonathan Ward product, its perfectly poured, its well designed (I’m told) and its beautifully boxed. However, you can’t see the details… So we did somewhat of a deconstruction of parts and talked our guests through each part of the process.

We commenced with a focus on the origins of the glass. each piece (part) hand blown double old fashioned (D.O.F.) whiskey tumblers from Luigi Bormioli. There is a beautiful little engraving on the underside of each tumbler and we wanted our guests to appreciate these fine touches.

We were lucky enough to have the publicist for the soil association present and she saw how the finished wax blend (propriety blend of four global certified organic waxes) is used exclusively in our products.

We discussed our oils and our packaging, highlighting the origins of each component and our transparency in discussing our partners really paid off.

We measured, we mixed. We poured we spilled. We laughed we liked. We floundered we filmed. It was a fun few hours. The overall feeling and vibe from the group was that they couldn’t quite believe the amount of precision and effort that went into each Jonathan Ward product.


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