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Kiss in Rio - Reincarnation with Purpose.

February 17th 2021
Jonathan Ward
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I cannot believe that I have neglected the Jonathan Ward blog for so long. We moved. We did Christmas. We survived all of our Christmas orders being issued and then cancelled in November (call it an early Christmas present from Bovid – Boris & Covid). And the collection took a little bit of turnaround in identity in January. Two and a half years, is enough of a time to justify a gentle uplift in aesthetics. Needless, to say I have been busy.

For those of you that remember we had a collection that rather led the way in our first vision. If there was a boxing match our Russian inspired collection (led by Kartushya) and our Collection Noir (led by Kiss in Rio) were in permanent battle for top spot. I have to say it was always a draw. We have had 71 requests for its reincarnation, during the last 30 months (yes I popped Kiss in Rio in my email search) … Wow. Looking back at the first vision through the old press, there was a tear.


Carol Lewis from The Times discusses Home Fragrance and praises Kiss in Rio
Kiss in Rio Featured in The Times

Ten years ago when Instagram was an infant and paper press was still relevant I forgot how many printed pieces there were out there. I included a few in this piece. I remember openingVogue and seeing Livia Firth (Colin Firth’s wife) featuring the Jonathan Ward candles Asher favourites. To be truthful this was how we managed to “hang” with the big boys. There would be candle stories in major magazines and little Jonathan Ward would be hanging with global empire brands and people thought I was one of them. It was a mirage. We looked behemoth and worked out of a storage unit in Clapham. Oh those days.

KIss in Rio Candle reviewed positively by Livia Firth for British Vogue
Livia Firth for British Vogue “Candle Karma” _ Kiss in Rio

So now here we are. Ten years on. It’s nice to pull something from the library and reflect on the times we had. We’re guided to keep our thoughts in the day in philosophy and spirituality. I enjoyed my thoughts trotting backwards and leafing through memories. I remember the first timeWhen I was in a magazine I used to run to the newsagents at 6.05am to get it. How things have changed.

Kiss in Rio Reed Diffuser review by Jane Cunningham British Beauty Blogger
Kiss in Rio Reed Diffuser reviewed by Jane Cunningham British Beauty Blogger

And that “kiss” that I remember so fondly is back. Our number two selling candle behind Kartushya. With its sultry smoky midnight tangled midnight sensuality. SO proud to raise funds for Black Lives Matter UK. Plus female charities fighting for equality. So let us see how much we can contribute.

The new vision for the collection is being received really positively. It was time to grow and that we did and continue to. Comically, during my growth as a teenager I shot to 6ft 4″ so quickly my bones ached so badly, there is a similar pain but it renders itself somewhat in anxiety now…

Growth and change is inevitable. It is simply how you deal with it.


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