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July News

July 15th 2019
Jonathan Ward

 July is always an interesting month in the fragrance world. Its the beginning of the new, the start of the end and the art of silence. Let me explain. 

Always the quietest month of the year for candle brands. The heat typically sees a disinclination to bring MORE heat into the home. I have to be honest as the consumer and the designer, it never stops me enjoying the beautiful burn of a candle. However the pace has not slowed down for our small team. I mention above ‘the beginning of the new’, and it certainly is. We see the diffuser category launch this month. Our collaboration with Victoria Baker Harber came to life for her soon to launch Miami concept store The Space. We finished the design and make for our Christmas (or rather seasonal) candle Hermitage Noel) and also for its baby sister Incwala (more to come on this one).

I also mentioned the start of the end as we leave Spring behind and gear up mentally for the third and fourth quarter (always an insanely busy time for a successful candle company). 

I also mention the “art of silence”, because interestingly, July is not too dissimilar a feeling to setting up for market at 5am on a Sunday morning. When the sunshine ebbs through the breaks in concrete, trepidation for the day is palpable in the air. You set up your stall in hope of a day’s fruitful activity.  

I’m quietly confident, there is a positive season ahead. 

We had two wonderful press pieces this month, with a distinguished visit from the Perfume Society. We will be holding a candle making class sponsored and supported by the Perfume Society in September of this year. 

We had one of our less explored aromas become the signature scent for the idyllic new restaurant Kyubi at the Arts Club on Dover Street.

We just received the wonderful news that we confirmed two international accounts in Hollywood and downtown L.A., Lucky Scent.

So, all in all, with that said, the month may be a quiet one, but we have not stood idle. I will need a holiday quite soon, any suggestions ?


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