Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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I'm frilled.

May 23rd 2019
Jonathan Ward

Its always rather lovely to receive feedback from the press and doubly so when the writer hails from a city close to my roots, up north.

The press and brand relationship has changed exponentially since we first started creating our scented diamonds many years ago. Welcome the influencer and the selfie. Not to date myself, but the industry used to thrive on a genuine expose of new talent (and the equally talented writers) that struggled with equal passion to continue to to put food on the table while doing the job they loved.

Now things have changed. And then occasionally someone engages with the brand who has qualities of the former variety. Thrilled to have stirred interest from a girl with soul. Lovely Laura Pearson Smith. Laura has written for Metro, Marie Claire and presented on the BBC (amongst many others) and has a lifestyle blog sharing her genuine passion of the beauty industry.

A proud inclusion.


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