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Halcyonic, the collaboration aroma for Victoria Baker-Harber & The Space Miami

July 14th 2019
Jonathan Ward

It was a strange modern meet cute on social media that led to a meet in real time for myself and Victoria (star of Made in Chelsea and swimwear designer and soon to be concept store owner) as she ventured east to visit the Jonathan Ward studio.

Bonding over our love of all things art nouveau, Miami and perfume, several meetings later, the notion of Halcyonic came to life. Inspired by the legacy of The Halcyon, 1920's decadent Miami luxury hotel : an elegant white building, designed on the back of a napkin. The hotel is embedded in Miami history and became an enduring icon of the pioneer spirit that made Miami the city it is today, a city of infinite possibilities and where Victoria’s new concept The Space, Miami, will be located when it opens in the heart of the Miami Design District. 

The Scent

Halcyonic is a conceptual fragrance denoting the early days of the roaring 20’s, a period of happiness, frivolity and where everyone had a thirst for life.

We wanted it to exude power in the possibility of new, conjuring up the excitement of night air charged with intensity and anticipation laced with an unapologetic note of midnight madness.

The base starts with a blue black diamond accord, black amber and musks denoting the Miami night punctuated with subtle aquatic notes of black sea salt wrapped in a masculine 20's tuxedo wool and cashmere.

The heart notes are made up of prickly pear and gopher apple with coral honeysuckle and night jasmine

The top notes are aldehydic with a hint of smokey tea rose and more amber.

It has been such a thrill watching this unusual aroma (our first collaboration in this new chapter) come to life, Victoria is an inspiring lady with such style and grace, she really is a breath of fresh air every time she comes to the studio.


The project continues and should be ready for purchase in Victoria's "The Space" and my e-commerce space in September. Not too far away. The press already found out about the partnership and started to put digital pen to paper, so we thought that gave us carte blanche to be equally as candid ..


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