Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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Fortune Favours (the Brave)

April 13th 2019
Jonathan Ward

I arrived in New York City in 1997 with a suitcase and determination and in 2007 I arrived back in the United Kingdom after 10 illustrious years in the United States. In that year I started the first Jonathan Ward vision and two weeks after we launched the stock market crashed. So there I was at the beginning of my attempt to show the world my creations and the world was fiscally fumbling around me. Fast forward to 2014 and my world was flailing also.

I reached high with my vision and we expanded into the department store market in a big way. High-cost hand made artisan product selling in 60 locations in the United Kingdom… it was not sustainable.

I have been completely candid about my journey, as the truth most definitely sets you free. So let’s start this blog with the same candour. Coupled with the challenges of running a hand poured candle empire across three continents, my personal journey stumbled also under the pressure.

So, we fast forward to 2019.

The new Jonathan Ward vision launches with a focused seven-piece collection called “The Scent of Time”. I was inspired by the legacies from visionaries, artists, poets and prophets. Reigniting their spirit, one more time, with each burn.

We made a decision early on in the development process to never compromise on raw materials (this has always been a trademark of Jonathan Ward). Purity is a strong focus of the brand across all material choices.

The glass is from our trusted partner in Italy Luigi Bormioli. I decided to use a double old fashioned whiskey tumbler with an art deco feeling for a number of reasons. I believe now (more than ever) that true reusability is increasingly important. Forgive me, but not in a “use your candle jar as a pencil holder” way, but a “make this part of a functional home” when complete.

The wax carries organic certification from the Soil Association and burns beautifully. We have been developing a technique called continuous burn, more to come on this.

The oils are globally sourced direct from origin to allow sumptuous richness and blended by European perfumers under my creative direction.

And finally, the packaging is produced using GF Smith premium eco papers and printed on a 1966 lithographic press.

The products will never be poured anywhere other than our studio in creative Hackney.

Craftsmanship and care throughout every detail.

This is the start of the journey so please stay with us and watch as we build a fresh vision with heart and spirit.

View the Scent of Time Collection


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