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Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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Evolution. Jonathan Ward Perfume.

May 9th 2020
Jonathan Ward
#Jonathan Ward fragrance
#Mink & Teal

A new chapter begins.

One of the gifts in enduring lockdown, is the ability to shift focus onto the creative endeavours that the pace of everyday life doesn't allow. The extra headspace and a little boredom shifted my focus to think about the future. What will the next evolution of Jonathan Ward be ?

We will release out first official fragrance for the Jonathan Ward Brand in September. Yes, it is official. I have been asked and asked and I answered.

I have always developed my home fragrances with the fragrance structure & creative as the lead in the show. It is always the protagonist and always enters the stage first.

During the break between the first Jonathan Ward incarnation and the second, I produced a fragrance collection for a concept store in Farringdon. The store didn't last as the parent company (a tech hedge fund) made some digital errors and couldn't ride their storm, the fragrances however continued to be sought after.

The collection was inspired by the concept of Synesthesia .. The production of sense impressions in one part of the body invoked by the stimulation of another sense of the body. In the art of fragrance, sometimes artists & perfumers can see fragrance structures when they are stimulated by colours. One of. the most popular aromas was an indelible concept named "Mink & Teal".

For our "Assassin Belarus" concept, we took you on the development with us. Showing each step along the way, from the first notion, to the visit to G.F. Smith to look at the paper choices. Receiving the first trials from the laboratory, the burn testing, the graphics. The first Jonathan Ward fragrance will be handed a little differently. No reveals along the development path, believing that anticipation might create a stronger desire for the first reveal.

I will say, that amid the current global adversities, there are cultural changes afoot. It is inspiring to see the possibilities that some of our age-old flaws are hopefully being eradicated. I know this sounds cryptic and a little esoteric, but it has switched a light on in the creative process and the seeds of an idea started to grow. And for now, this is as much as I am about to reveal.


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