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Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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February 6th 2020
Jonathan Ward

The year started with an interesting twist in our business development. Over the Christmas holidays I took a short break at New Year to skip out of town and visit Riga in Latvia. In an odd twist of affairs, I attended a Great Gatsby themed New Year “affair” and ended up seated next to someone that professed to have psychic abilities.

Interestingly, this is an area that I have never bought into. I have been of the belief that if people truly professed this ability then they would possibly be the highest percentile of lottery winners but they’re alas, not. However I had never met this person before and didn’t reveal anything to her. So when she said “the start of 2020 will bring business and success in an area that you could not have predicted, I was intrigued. She went on to say that I needed to be looking East and I would be surprised to see the results.

When I got back to the studio on January 3rd, we received an email notifying us that we had been the recipient of a commission to design the signature fragrance for Taipei’s oldest boutique department store “Club Designer”. This was the most brilliant news, as not only does it secure a strong ongoing business for the duration of our partnership, but it brings me back to my roots as I started my career in fashion design.

The design of the fragrance has been a wonderful chance to explore my creativity again. I cannot divulge the design content yet, but it’s a perfect exploration of the two industries I traversed, fashion and fragrance.

The store carries the world’s most coveted luxurious brands and the interiors are an indelible visual feast.

Two days following this new opportunity, we were contacted by a distributor in South Korea and a new opportunity opened up quite quickly to expand our interests in this territory. The distributor that I am working with has a superb reputation and ability to make the perfect brand affiliations, we couldn’t be happier.

I just found it incredible, maybe coincidence and maybe not, but I might profess a little more belief in the world of the psychic. Maybe.


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