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Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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June 1st 2019
Jonathan Ward

I think thus far in the new chapter, I have been asked at least ten times “how has the industry changed since the first time round”?

The changes are infinite. I believe that there is one guarantee in life and this¬†is change. So you adopt adeptly or move on to something that feels right for where you are at the time. As many of you know, my craft is who I am. It’s in my blood, my heart and my vision.

I stepped back into the ring again last year and the same faces are there. Lee Kynaston (Grooming Guru), Jane Cunningham (British Beauty Blogger), Andy Rou (Wax Daddy) (to name a few). I shared dinner with Lee and lunch with Andy and the same genuine heartfelt camaraderie was there. These three have genuine hearts and spirits and welcomed back their industry fellow warmly.

Fortuitously we have received a fabulous early reception from press (some old and some new).

I think that the biggest change and the most distressing, is sadly how monetised the industry has become. We have the ever evocative topic of influencer that seems to pop up at every industry dinner I attend. Its the one part of change¬†that I find slightly disarming. You cannot rate the true value of a product by paying someone to say to their followers “this is good”, “this has value”, “now where is my pay check”. I personally don’t believe in it. Journalism cannot be bought. It shouldn’t. Don’t you remember at school in history class, the history teacher vehemently stating that you should always look carefully at the writer of the facts that you’re studying ? Their statements are loaded with personal motive. Its somewhat idealistic, but writers should use their platforms in a benevolent and genuine way.

Anyway, moving on. We work very long hours and this is only a dream, but I crave to create a platform that writes with heart and reports genuinely. Removing motive and agenda while supporting upcoming emerging talent. Bringing that talent to the forefront with open heart.

One can dream, right.




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