Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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Arial Art (Part One)

July 21st 2019
Jonathan Ward

It’s hardly a revolutionary statement to note that art can be displayed across multiple mediums. Our chosen vehicle for our artistic statement is aroma. Carried by molecule(s) in an arial expression the statements sail into their designated space by flame, by stick, by spray and by touch. In the middle of a particularly quiet June we were quite thrilled when our expressions were requested to perform their arial dance down on Dover Street at The Arts Club.

Our work references the visionaries, the prophets, poets and writers who bequeath their legacies, scripts, expressions and notes to the world. Jonathan Ward’s Vita, originally inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.

A dance across the centuries parading as a man and a woman (and uncertain to be either), the protagonist for this aroma represents an expression of masculine iris flower. Torn petal, ripe root, and dried stamen. Beautiful Vita, we’re so proud. She (he) can be found expressing her(him)self in the bathrooms of the devoutly attended Kyubi restaurant.

Just a tiny bit of a coincidence that I am a monumental lover of Japanese culture, food and art. Thrilled that the Jonathan Ward family has extended.


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