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Jonathan Ward - artisan scented candles

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An Inexplicable Bond

May 22nd 2019
Jonathan Ward

Fragrance design is quite a different discipline and design process to fashion. Fashion is the quest for the new and change. Fragrance can be a longer development process but when you get it right, it stays. It transcends season and trend. It bypasses fickle and fleeting and traverses its own line. Quite often I am asked about memories from 10, 20 even 30 years ago. I can always remember the scent but the fashion moment has gone.

So to fast forward. When we, as fragrance auteurs, perfumers or designers, launch a collection, there is a solid chance that the seasoned curator behind the brand will not have to redesign again for a while. Therefore I t is such a welcome treat to work on a collaborative aroma that allows a small window of creativity once your initial range has launched. And it is doubly interesting when the person you are designing for, is somewhat of a style icon. Welcome (centre-stage) Victoria Baker-Harber. This dynamic young lady has been a beautiful inclusion to the cast of Made in Chelsea, the notorious reality TV show following a select group of bright young things cavorting around the Kings Road and surrounding areas.

Victoria has a new concept store launching in Miami, where she is considering placing roots. We met played with wax and talked collaboration.

Victoria is one of the most stylish women in British high society, who immediately appreciated my brand integrity and aesthetics. Craftsmanship and beauty. I can’t think of a more succinctly aligned connection. More to come.



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